Hello, Readers! :D

I’m so glad you could join me for my first post on my new blog. 😀 I’m super excited to share my love of reading and writing with you!

My name is Lennie, and I’m an independently published horror author from Oklahoma. I have two day jobs now, but someday I would love for writing to be my full-time career. Until then, I’m saving money and writing every chance I get.

As of today, I have two works published so far, my literary baby: Darkness and Bloodshed, a collection of short stories. And Deadly Games a 18,000 novella about a girl who is forced to summon a vengeful spirit. >:D

I’ve got plenty more books and stories in the works, include a novel called The Shadow in the Swing, which should be ready at the end of the month. 😀 I’m really excited I’ll be able to share my first novel with everyone soon!

Anyway! This is my first blog post, so I’m just using it as a way to say hello and share a bit about myself. 😀 I look forward to sharing my love of books, reviews, updates on my writing, and all things bookish! 😀 I plan on posting something every Tuesday and Thursday, maybe more.

Being on the lookout for more updates and posts! 😀 Happy Reading!

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