Review of Friends: 3 stars!

Friends (A Short Story)

Friends (A Short Story)

by Mauro Neaus

What appears to be a man that loves life, his job and seems to have no real problem of his own, nor any problem with anybody turns out to take a grim turn.

I don’t have any big updates on my writings today, so I figured I would share another review of a book I’ve read recently. this one is Friends. A really short horror story. 😀 my kinda thing.

It was a little rough. I did notice a couple of awkward sentences. And maybe a typo or two, but nothing major. Just the standard little errors you see in a lot of self-published stories. 😀 (the book gods know, my own books have their own share of typos and errors.)

I didn’t find the errors annoying though. And it didn’t take anything away from the tale. Because the story itself was enjoyable. The author really shows some real promise!

here’s my thoughts I left in a review over on as soon as I finished the novel last night. 😀

Short but good!

Short, interesting, and highly disturbing. I really liked this. As a writer & lover of short horror stories, I enjoyed this. 😈 the creep factor builds subtly, then really packs a punch there at the end. 

I want a sequel though! I want to find out what happens to the main character and his friends. 

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