The Broken Hearted Bride is Out Now!

Hello, Dear Readers! It’s Tuesday! And I am so excited to share news about my latest story with you. 😀 It’s a stand alone short story, about 37 pages. It’s sort of a mix between crime thriller and physcological horror. The story of a woman who finds out her husband to be is cheating. So she decides to get some revenge. On the wedding day.

Yeah. >:D I think it’s pretty cool, if I do say so myself. 😀 though I might be a bit bias. lol. Anyway, both the kindle version and the paperback edition are available on Amazon. 😀 And to get a bit of interest in it going, I thought I would share the first chapter of the story with my blog followers. 😀

Cool cover, huh? I made it myself. 😀

Anyway! Here’s chapter 1!

1: An Unexpected Text

We need to talk.

It was all the text said. There was no follow up and no explanation.

Something this straight forward and out-of-the-blue must have been important. Susan didn’t want it to be something important.

She saw it late in the morning after she had woken up a bit. She was enjoying a nice cup of coffee with salted caramel flavored creamer and scrolling through her emails when she finally noticed the text icon at the top of her smartphone’s screen. 

She tapped on it and was surprised to find the four-word text from her cousin Tom.

We need to talk. That was it. It had been sent very late at night, around one-thirty. She must have checked and rechecked her messages to see if that was all.

It was. This couldn’t be good.

Tom and Susan weren’t very close. He was several years older than her, and despite their parents’ efforts to get them to spend time together as children, they simply hadn’t clicked. They were friendly though. They saw each other at church every Sunday. They chatted at the family get-together’s. They liked and commented on each other’s Facebook posts. They exchanged Christmas cards. If they saw each other at the grocery store or the post office, they hugged and chatted for a few minutes. But their relationship didn’t go far beyond that. They didn’t hang out at each other’s houses or go out of their way to spend time together outside of church of family events. 

To be perfectly honest, Susan had completely forgotten that they had one another’s phone numbers. They almost never texted or called. The only time she could remember him calling her was when a great aunt neither one of them liked had passed away, and he had been asked to call her and pass along the news.

If he was actually texting her… she wasn’t sure what exactly it meant. But she knew she didn’t like it.

For several hours, Susan tried to ignore it. She tried to go about her day like she normally would. But the text gnawed at the back of her mind all day long. Until, at last, she couldn’t stand it anymore. She responded.

Why? She sent back. Then after a couple of seconds she added, Is something wrong?

He responded in less than a minute. He must have been waiting for her to finally answer. Not something we can talk about over text or call. Can you meet me for coffee or something?

Susan frowned at the texted conversation, then at the clock on her living room wall. It was nearly five. Her fiance would be home from work soon. They were supposed to have dinner and wine and watch a few episodes of Deadly Woman together. It was their favorite show.

But Tom texted her. He’d waited for her to answer.

Is it really that important? She sent, hoping it could wait until tomorrow.


That one simple word seemed to glare and yell at her. She hated it.

Fine. Where and when? Susan swore softly as she hit the send button. Then she went to hunt down some shoes and her car keys.

Head over to Amazon and grab a copy if you wanna know what happens. 😀

OR! If you’d a FREE and SIGNED paperback edition of this short story, I’d be more than happy to mail you a copy. 😀 All that I ask in exchange is an honest review left on Goodreads, Amazon, your bookish blog, or any other social media you might have. 😀 Reviews are super important for both the author and readers. 😀

Authors, because it gets some exposure for our stories out into the world. And for readers, since so many new readers look to reviews to see if they want to read a story. 😀 If you’d like one, just head over to my contact page and leave me a message. 😀 I’m constantly online, so I’ll get back to you really soon. 😀

Anyway! Hope you enjoyed this post! 😀 join me again on Thursday for a new post! 😀 Happy Reading, Everyone!

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