Mountain Man: Prequel 5 stars!

Mountain Man: Prequel (Mountain Man #0.4)

One of my favorite audiobooks of the year! 😀 I’ve been on a bit of a zombie kick recently, as my followers will know, if ya’ll read that post from the other day. 😀 I want to write my own zombie story, but I need to do a bit of genre research first. 😀 so here it is in the form of reading awesome, creepy, gore-filled zombie books!

I was actually listening to this late a night, right before I had to go to work. (I do a lot of uber early morning/night shifts)

Not my brightest moment. See, i walk to work. around 3 or 4 in the morning, most days. its dark and quiet. And someone else was walking on the sidewalk… and I heard them whistling before I saw them.

not going to lie.

It scared the shit out of me. Maybe I shouldn’t listen/read scary stories so late at night… but I will anyway. I love it. its so much fun to get scare. you know, after you realize it was just some random guy walking home and not a hungry zombie looking to gnaw on your brains.

I rather like my brains inside my skull where they belong, thank you very much!

Anyway! Here’s my review! 😀


Amazing! I was really impressed with this story. Average people trying to survive the beginning of a zombie apocalypse while trapped in a supermarket? 😀 sign me but please, that sounds like some creepy awesome fun! 😀 

The writing was great. Strong with a distinctly masculine voice that suits our main character, Gus, very well. There is a LOT of swearing throughout the story. And a lot of graphic violence. so it’s definitely an adult book. but it works, all that swearing. >:D average painter guys, trapped by zombies? of course they’re gonna be swearing left and life. Most adults (At least the ones I know) swear a lot anyway, so it makes sense that they’d swear left and right. 

Each character is a strong individual. Gus is your average joe guy with a strong sense of loyalty to his buddies and girlfriend. And I love him. And Toby is just fucking hysterical. I laughed out loud several times while listening to this book, thanks to him. he was a great bit of comedy as we watch the shit storm start. 😀 but you gotta feel for him, when we start seeing him really breaking down towards the end. 

& mel grant? “The Bitch” as she is often referred to? I love to hate her.

Zombies. baseball bats. cops overwhelmed and terrified people trying to make sense out of crazy. this was a great story. I very highly recommend it for fans of horror and zombie books. 

And make sure to check out the audiobook version if you like listening to your books! 😀 the narrator really brings the story to life. I literally laughed out loud several times at Toby’s jokes. he’s the best. Also, the snotty tone used for Mel? excellent. 

I got the rest of the book serious on audible, so I’m looking forward to reading/listening to the rest of the series. There’s a FREE short story called “The Hospital” I’m looking forward to reading. 😀 

Happy Reading! Love, Lennie.

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