Review of Dark Web by Kelvin T.

3 solid stars! 😀 Well worth the read if you like Horror! 😀

Dark Web: A Short Horror Story

a teen who likes exploring the dark web bites off a bit more than they can chew. >:D

I liked it!

It was short, only about 16 pages, but I like short stories. 😀 especially horror ones. Kinda my thing. LOL. This is a fast, creepy little read, perfect for horror fans looking for quick stories. 😀 I liked the ending. I bet the author could do a lot with this idea. maybe a whole little series of shorts. that’d be neat.

recommended fans of short stories and horror. 😀 I picked my copy up for free on Kindle. So make sure ya’ll check it out! 😀 I’ll have another post for you tomorrow. 😀 Until then? Happy Reading!

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