Broken Fight Songs by Steve Howard

book cover

Broken Fight Songs

by Steve Howard

4 stars! I read this yesterday and forgot to post it! 😀 so! here we go! 😀

I liked it! 😀

I liked this! short stories are kinda my thing. Of course, as a short story writer, I’m a lover of the format. Short stories are just perfect for readers who love good stories but don’t have a lot of reading time. 😀 Each story had its own charm, but I particularly liked “Don’t Die over a Broken Martini Glass”, “Blood Stains in the Red Dust” and “The Big L” “The Big L.” that one was like a bit of fanfic drabble for “Of Mice and Men” right? because of the mice? it’s been years since I read the book, but I think I’m right. (I read it in a high school English class, and I remember really liking it.) Anyway! I really liked it. you could really feel the character’s pain in that one. Highly recommended for fans of short stories! 😀

make sure and check this story out! you can find it for download over on:

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