Hannah beast Review! 5 stars!


The fate of a lonely girl becomes part of a town’s shameful secret history in Thriller Award winner Jennifer McMahon’s terrifying story of guilt, retribution, and one tragic Halloween night.

Thirty-four years ago, on October 31, poor Hannah Talbott took part in a scavenger hunt gone violently wrong. The mean girls made sure of it. To this day, for a haunted local mother, the most unsettling Halloween costume of all is an urban legend they call Hannah-Beast. It’s a reminder of the past she can’t forget. Especially tonight when it’s come back, so close to home.

Jennifer McMahon’s Hannah-Beast is part of Dark Corners, a collection of seven heart-stopping short stories by bestselling authors who give you so many new reasons to be afraid. Each story can be read in a single sitting. Or, if you have the nerve, you can listen all by yourself in the dark

Hanah beast is a short story from Amazon’s dark corners collection series. & It’s great. Especially on audible! Listen to it on audible! Here’s my review of it!

Absolutely wonderful. Spooky and creepy with a terrifingly perfect ending. The audible narrator was excellent! This one is a told must read for short horror story lovers.

This is a total must read/listen for short story horror fans. I know I’m a fan. 🙂 I do write them after all! 🙂

Check back tomorrow for another post! 🙂 & Make sure and head over to my Amazon page to check out my stories! 🙂 “The Shadow in the Swing” is FREE now until Friday! Happy reading everyone! Love Lennie!

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