Island of Legends (Unwanteds Book 4)

Hey, guys! I’m beat! I worked all day and wrote 3,000 words in “She Watches You Sleep” So, this will be a pretty short little post! 😀

I finished up Unwanteds Book 4 today! Isn’t that cover pretty! Love me some pretty covers. 😀 Someday! Someday I shall have pretty covers! 😀 😀 I mean, mine are alright. but nothing as cool as what a professional.


So what I think of it? 😀 I really liked it! 3.5 stars! my favorite part was when Alex brought the whale to life. Yeah! he literally brings a whale to life. it was very dramatic. cool stuff like happens in these books! 😀 All the stuff that happened in this book, and that’s what gets me. lol. Animal characters are always extra special too me.

the whole series is just a lot of fun, especially if you like middle grade series. 😀 I bet this would be a fun book and series to read aloud with the kids. 😀

❤ Happy Reading! I’ll have a longer review soon. 😀 join me tomorrow for another post! 😀 Love, Lennie! 😀

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