Sunday Author Spotlight

Hey readers! Let’s jump right in, shall we? Today’s Spotlight is…

A. Nation! πŸ˜€

They write quite and interesting mix. πŸ˜€ here’s a bit of the author bio from Amazon.

A. Nation: I always read as a child and into my working years. I enjoyed reading the science fiction of Isaac Asimov and mysteries by Agatha Christie. Here I combined the two genres.
I now have thirteen books out in the genre of science fiction, urban fantasy, And mystery.

13 books! πŸ˜€ Impressive, yes? I think so. πŸ˜€ Who wants to see some cover art? πŸ˜€

A Witch Comes A Haunting: An A. Nation Urban Fantasy by [Nation, A.]

Here is the cover of her latest work, a 180 page urban fantasy. πŸ˜€ It’s set to release at the end of September, and is currently available for preorder. πŸ˜€

blurb time! A. Nation takes you into magical realism in this dark fantasy thriller. The witch escapes her prison. Now she wants Susan’s friend to pay with his life. Once the witch ruled a mixed mythological land under the town. Now, prevented from returning, revenge motivates her to find the little gnome who put her in the nether world. Strange deaths are occurring around this little town. Susan has an idea with the help of her friends. Will a happy festival destroy the evil tearing this town apart? How will she explain her gift to her new boyfriend?
Enjoy this fourth urban fantasy of Susan Edwards and her unusual friends.

Sounds cool!

Similar: But Not the Same - A. Nation explores Alien Contact (Domino Saga Book 1) by [Nation, A.]

This one sounds really cool, and I really like the cover. Look at that cool spaceship! πŸ˜€

blurb for this one: Contact with aliens was the last thing on Alice’s mind when she heads for Mars with her cat. Experience every adventure through Alice’s mindset when she is trapped with an alien. Can she be close to the new man in her life? Mars can be a dangerous place where accidents and murder happen. Be there when Alice defends a man accused of murder on Mars in the 25th century.

You can follow A. Nation and check out their books on Amazon. πŸ˜€ here’s the link! πŸ˜€

Thanks for reading! I’ll be back later with a post about my reading for this next week and an update on my writing. πŸ˜€ Happy Reading! Love, Lennie! πŸ˜€

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