Book Review and Writing/reading Update!

Hi, everyone! Hope everyone is doing good and having lots of fun bookish adventures!

Ugh. The last few days have been a crap show for my blogging and writing schedules. What can I say? Sorry! Live just gets in the way sometimes. :/. I try my best, I swear!

Anyway! I’m sure ya’ll are still waiting patiently on that new book, She Watches You Sleep. It’s come soon, I swear! I know, I know. It’s way behind schedule from when I said I was going to release it! I work a ton (something has to fund my book writing, right?) and I’ve been getting ready to go visit my Sister in Michigan for a few days. YAY!!! ❤ She’s my favorite person ever!

and Staples took forever getting my printed manuscript to me, so my editing process has slowed. Sorry!

Don’t worry! It’s on its way! I promise! hopefully it’ll be up for sale on Amazon by early thursday morning. And so is book 2 of Spooky shorts! I just gotta get all my crap together! Anyway, while we wait, how about Monday’s review & list of the books, I’m reading this week? 😀

Monday’s Review is: Twisted by Andrew Kaufman! 5 stars!

Twisted by [Kaufman, Andrew E.]

Seriously, ya’ll this one was AMAZING! I finished it while at my stocking Job yesterday day, and I couldn’t have enjoyed it more. the narrator for the audio version was wonderful. he did a great southern drawl. 😀 I should know! I’m from the south! ❤


The psychologist with a troubled past…

Dr. Christopher Kellan spends his days at Loveland Psychiatric Hospital, overseeing a unit known as Alpha Twelve, home to the most deranged and psychotic killers imaginable. His newest patient, Donny Ray Smith, is accused of murdering ten young girls and making their bodies disappear. But during his first encounter with Donny, Christopher finds something else unsettling: the man looks familiar.

The killer with a secret…

Donny Ray knows things about Christopher—things he couldn’t have possibly learned at Loveland. As the psychologist delves deeper into the mysterious patient’s case, Christopher’s life whirls out of control. The contours of his mind are rapidly losing shape, and his grasp on reality is slipping even faster. Is he going mad, or is that what Donny Ray wants him to think?

The terror that binds them…

In this taut psychological thriller from Andrew E. Kaufman, bestselling author of The Lion, the Lamb, the Hunted, a tormented man must face his fear and enter the mind of a killer to find the truth…even if it costs him his sanity.

yeah, so basically, it’s about a psychologist who looses his shit. (poor dude) and it’s amazing! It’s scary and disturbing. It’s sad and exciting. And I loved every minute of it.

the flashback’s to Chris’s past were some of my favorite parts. especially when his dad started talking about a “voice in the drain.” that’s some scary stuff right there, let me tell you.

it was hard to tell what was real and what was it, because even our M.C. wasn’t sure anymore. it was great! if you like psychological horrror/thrillers this is the book for you. especially if you like audible. get the audio version. you won’t regret it!

Now! What else am I reading this week?

Becoming My Daddy: First Impressions by [Austin, Alan]

Remember I did a Spotlight for Alan a while back? 😀 I’ll be reading one of his new stories this week. 😀 Erotica isn’t my go to lit choice (expect for the occassional m/m fanfics, but we’ll not talk about that embarrassing pastime, lol.) but his stories are getting pretty popluar. 😀 I’d like to see what makes them so exciting for erotica fans.

It good to try new things, right? 😀

I’ll also be reading another short story:

The Lady on the Road: An urban legend short story by [Herntier, Nick]

Neat cover! 😀

And one more, I think!

Be Careful What You Wish For: A Short Story by [Hutchinson, A.C.]

I’m focusing on just the shorter stories this week, since I’ll be traveling. My reading time is pretty limited. I’ve got to get packed, take the cat two my mom’s house so she can babysit her while I’m gone, and get my apartment cleaned up. because nothing is worse than coming home from spending hours on an airplane to a messy house that’s totally judging me on my lack of housekeeping skills.

I can’t be the only one that is so bad at dishes that they run out of counter space and end up with dishes all over the kitchen floor right? :’D I blame TV. It’s very distracting. lol.

Anyway! Happy Reading! ❤ I’ll ya’ll tomorrow for a review of one of the shorts! Happy Reading! Love Lennie! ❤

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