Writing Update!

hey, everyone! Just a quick post before I get some sleep. I have a long day tomorrow, so I’m hitting the hay early. 😀 Writing is going well. 😀 I’ve gotten tons done the last few days. 😀 I’ve been working on my first story that will be under a new pen name. It’s turned out twice as long as I thought. I was hoping for around 5,000 but it’s up to just over 10,000 and I have one final chapter to finish. then it’s editing time. that shouldn’t take too long with this one. I’m actually really pleased with how it’s turned out, so I think I just need to check for grammatical and spelling errors.

you know, as best I can with my limited editing budget. 😀

I’m also super close to finishing She Watches You sleep. I know, I know! I’ve been saying it forever. lol. This times true! I swear. Anyway, I have Friday off, so I’m devoting it entirely to writing/submitting things to Amazon. Should have it up super soon!

bear with me, ya’ll trying to juggle family, two jobs, writing, and blogging is hard work! 😀 I’m getting better though!

In other news, I’ve found some great photos on a stock photo website, and stuff for new covers, so I’m really looking forward to working with those. 😀 & it’s almost Halloween time! All the stores are going to fill up with Halloween decor, perfect for cover photo props.

ya’ll don’t know how tempting it’s been at work lately! lol. one of my jobs is a stocker at dollar tree. Which I love. I can listen to audiobooks and I get to see all the cool new stuff first! We’re nearly done setting up my store’s seasonal section with Halloween stuff. it’s so tempting to buy stuff! But I’m broke. not really, but I got to save money for rent! Can’t be spending bill money on books and writing stuff.

but believe me, it’s tempting as heck.

Anyway! I should have some really cool new stuff coming out soon, and I’m really excited to share it with everyone! 😀 Join me again toMorrow for a less rambling post. 😀 I’ll be reviewing a couple of short stories! 😀

Happy reading! Love, Lennie! ❤

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