FREE Book Friday!

And A Review of Hotel Z!

Hi, readers! 😀 I’ve had a very productive few days! 😀 I got so much done! 😀 And my latest story, The Monster, is currently FREE on Amazon for the long Labor Day weekend. 😀 that’s today through Monday, so make sure and grab a free copy!

And pretty please! Leave a review of it on Amazon and Goodreads when you finish it! 😀 I love seeing that I got a new review! Anyway! Here’s a link to it over on Amazon!

Now! I just finished reading another short story today! 😀 I read so many. They’re just so fun and easy to read. Today’s pick was:

Hotel Z by A.C. Hutchison 4 stars! 😀

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I love to cover to this. 😀 And I very much enjoyed Hutchinson’s other short story, Be Careful What You Wish For. I just had to give this a try. 😀 I wasn’t disappointed it! This has got to be one of my favorite zombie reads in a while. Well written, creepy, VERY messed up. A little sad. A great ending. This was awesome! And one of the most original takes on the genre I’ve ever seen. 😀

It’s not a zombie survival story, but the Tale of a society learning to use the zombies for their own messed up needs and making a profit. A society that’s gotten a little to… Shall we say comfortable with the zombies.

God, this was some awesome fun reading! Just 18 pages, so a nice fast read. And well worth the investment. 😀 Highly recommended to fans of horror, zombies, and short stories. I know I’m a fan! ;D

Join me again tomorrow for a Spotlight Saturday. 😀 We’ll be checking out another indie author’s bio and books. Not sure who it will be yet, but I’m sure it will be fun. 😀

Also! While ya’ll are over on Amazon, be sure to check out Pumpkin Spice Kisses by Tori Elliot. It’s my first ever romance story under a new pen name. Do you like it? I loved the name, so it became my pen name for Romance. 😀 Pumpkin Spice Kisses is a sweet and clean romance short story. about 11,300-words. Just a nice and cute little story. I’m not sure how good it is. It’s my first step into a new genre. (And it’s self edited. still have like no money! lol) It’s a genre I love, but not one I’ve tried writing in before. It’s such a big step away from my blood and guts I do as Lennie Grace. 😀 But still. I had so much fun writing it. So I hope others will enjoy reading it. 😀 here’s the link to it. Give it a try and leave a review, telling me what you think! ❤ be honest, but nice! even if you don’t like it.

See ya’ll tomorrow! Happy Reading! Love Lennie! ❤

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