Saturday Spotlight

πŸ˜€ hi, ya’ll! πŸ˜€ New Author Spotlight for you! πŸ˜€ Just a quick one, so I can get back to working on She Watches You Sleep. (Hoping to get it submitting to Amazon by Sunday evening!)

today’s writer is…

Lynn Nodima

here’s an Author bio! πŸ˜€

Lynn Nodima learned to love telling stories from her tall-tale telling grandfather, her story-spinning father, and her mother’s round-robin storytelling games. Spinning yarns is in her blood, and she happily continues the family tradition. 

The main difference is that Lynn writes her stories down to share with people she will never meet. Lynn writes clean urban fantasy, contemporary romantic suspense, paranormal romances/adventures, fantasy, and science fiction.

And some cover pictures!

Holiday Rescue: A Clean Billionaire Romance (The Billionaire Brothers Book 1) by [Nodima, Lynn]

I like how this series sounds! here’s the blurb!

Grant, a billionaire CEO and former SEAL, travels to Austin to purchase the company that will make his newest invention possible. Kidnapping is the last thing on his mind.Β But even a former Seal can’t fight a tranquilizer gun. Grant never expects his escape to lead him to the one woman he could learn to love. Nor did he expect to put her in danger.

Wolf's Man: Texas Ranch Wolf Pack (Texas Ranch Wolf Pack Series Book 1) by [Nodima, Lynn]

Of all the cars in San Antonio, wolf shifter Janelle jumped into a cop’s car.

Desperate to get away from the panther shifters hunting her, Janelle jumps into a stranger’s car. Now, he wants answers. Answers she’s forbidden to give him. Nate, a detective and a former Marine, is stunned when a gorgeous, green-eyed woman attempts to car-jack him. The two men chasing her are carrying, so he gets her away from them, but he wants answers. Is he ready for the truth? Not only must he protect them both from creatures he never knew existed. But things are not as they seem. Nate has a secret even he doesn’t know. A secret that throws them both into more danger. His old life is gone. Can he survive his new one?
Wolf’s Man is book 1 of a clean serial paranormal/romance/suspense story. Lynn strives to make sure there is a HEA for each book, and that the story is not a cliffhanger. The overarching plot culminates in book 12.

Fun looking stuff. These two are actually getting added to my ever growing to read list. Someday I’ll read everything I want to! πŸ˜€

you can check out more of her books over on Amazon. here’s the link!

happy reading! I’ll be back with another Spotlight tomorrow! πŸ˜€

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