Book reviews!

Hi guys! Just a fast little post before I head off to back to back shifts at my regular jobs. SIGH! Adulting is hard. but I like having a decenting apartment, interent, and food and book money… so I guess I’ll keep going.

My cat also eats pretty expensive food. ❤ gotta feed my little friend. He’s actually sitting in my lap right now. I hate that I’ll have to move him soon!

Anyway! I read a couple of stories yesterday! Let’s see what I thought of them!

Surviving The Evacuation, Book 0.5: Zombies vs The Living Dead by [Tayell, Frank]

This was great! 5 stars!

! You don’t usually hear about elderly people in zombie books, so I really enjoyed this interesting short story. I loved George as an M.C. And that cover is just so much fun. not that covers are THAT important to the story, but I love me some pretty covers. There’s anew audible version. and since I already have the Kindle version, I can get it for $2. I’ll totally be doing that soon. I like it that much. highly recommended for zombie lovers!

Free Comic Book Day 2014: All Ages #4 (Dark Horse FCBD) by [Baltazar, Art, Lapham, David, Franco, Yang, Gene Luen]

I also read this! found it for free and had to get it. I’m a HUGE Avatar fan. 😀

4 stars! the art wasn’t so great, but the story was fun and sweet. This was a great little after the series shot, and it really displayed how Sokka grew since season one. :D<3 a must read for Avatar fans! and the other comics in it were fun too.

I also finished two more Alan Austin Books! both get 5 stars! I won’t bombard ya’ll with more pics and reviews of his stuff this week, since I’ve been reading so much of his stuff recently. He’s a new favorite writer of mine, but I know I can’t just review one write! Gotta share the love! Keeps things intersting. All I’ll say is this!

If you like erotica, go read his stuff! you will not be disappointed!

Happy Reading! I’ll be back tomorrow! Love Lennie! ❤

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