Book Review Time!

Hi, everyone! lol. I’m still alive! Just been really busy. I’m back with a review of a brand new book from one of my favorite authors! Can you guess who it’s buy? lol

Alan Austin!

I know! I been reading a lot of his stuff lately. 😀 but this one is actually a horror story, so it actually fits in with what I write! 😀 ❤

Sacrifice Under The Virgin Moon! It’s a 5 Star Read!

pretty cover time! ❤ (It’s also a link, so ya’ll can buy it, if you want. And ya’ll should TOTALLY buy it!)

Sacrifice Under the Virgin Moon by [Austin, Alan]

Isn’t is gorgous!? I love it! 😀

Follow the Author

I got an advanced readers copy in exchange for an honest review. 😀 And I loved it so much that I’m totally going to buy myself a paperback edition when it’s available. (I LOVE me some physical books!)

So! What did I think of it? I loved it! Seriously, I loved it. I stayed up way too late reading this one. I regret nothing!

😀 “Sacrifice Under the Virgin Moon,” tells the story of a village trapped under the thumb of a terrifying monster. A monster that demands the sacrifice of a virgin woman every three months or so. And if they don’t offer them to the monster? Or if the woman lies about being “pure”? Ya’ll better watch out!

Cause scary, violent stuff is totally gonna happen! >:D

The story is awesomely creepy, taking place in an very isolated village surrounded by woods. (reminded me a bit of that scary movie, “The Witch”) Sprinkled in with plenty of sexy fun time scenes with several different characters, this book is so much fun. I liked the different points of view in the book, so we can see whats going on with several different villagers. And I really liked the romance that was in the book too. 😀 adds something just a tad sweet and fluffy to enjoy with the scary intensity of the rest of the story.

I HIGHLY recommend this book if you like erotica stories and horror stories. Also, if you’ve read and liked Alan Austin’s other stories. 😀

Thanks for reading my review! 😀 I’ll try and be back soon with an update on my books and writing! 😀 ❤ Happy Reading! Love, Lennie!

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