Tuesday Review: Daddy’s Girl by Alan Austin!

Time for a review, everyone. 😀 ❤ more specifically, yet another review from one of my favorite writers, my dear friend, Alan Austin! today’s read:

here’s the blurb! 😀

Hot young virgin daughters, sisters, and students all have a need for something dirty! They need to be satisfied, filled, stretched, and broken for the first time and they know who they want to meet those needs!

First time, step fathers & siblings, teachers, broken, stretched, forced, voyeur, threesome. So many situations to explore with these fertile young virgins!

Very mature and graphic content. 18+ ONLY.

It most certainly is for mature readers! No kids around here! 😀 what’s my rating?

3 stars!

here’s my review! Posted here, amazon, and on my Goodreads page. 😀

It wasn’t my favorite Alan Austin book, but at this point, I’ll read anything Alan puts out. He’s one of my favorite writers now! 😀 especially if it’s a paperback. I adore physical books. (And the tiny ones alan and several other amazon indie authors release are the cutest things ever! I like cute things and I need them for my collection!)

I liked it! the short stories in this book were lots of fun. I really liked the first story, about the sleepover. And the last one about the girl and her professor was very hot. 😀

I wasn’t a huge fan of the camping story. I was a little distracted by thinking, “god! there was a bear out there! are ya’ll really gonna get it on when there’s a bear nearby!” lol.

but still, it was a fun read. I think I like the stories with more character development though. three stars is still nice though. 😀 Its a must read for a dedicated fan. 🙂 I’m reading everything by Alan! And if ya’ll like erotica, you should too! 😀 And get all his paperbacks, even all the tiny ones. they’re great.

anyway! If ya’ll like sexy fun reads, be sure to check this and Alan’s other stuff out. 😀 He just released the complete collection of his Immoral series. I can’t wait for the paperback of it to come out! ❤

Happy Reading, everyone! I’ll be back tomorrow with more fun reading and writing stuff! (Hopefully! I’m not great at posting everyday. but hey, has anyone noticed that I’m getting better. lol)

Love, Lennie! ❤

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