Saturday Author Spotlight!

Hi, everyone! How ya’ll doing? 😀 Hope you’re good! It’s almost my birthday and I’m very excited! 😀 So! Have I ever mentioned that I love Robin Hood stories? 😀 I do. One of my favorite shows in the whole world is BBC’s Robin Hood. I started watching in high school and I got the box set of the show for christmas one year. 😀 My friends all loved it too, so we’d all come over to my house and watch the show together.

So, Robin Hood is a favorite legend of mine. I collect books and novels about him. 😀 Seriously. I have around a hundred or so. 😀 So, I thought for today’s spotlight, I could do a Robin Hood author. 😀

Steven A. Mckay

Seriously, this dude is awesome. 😀 He’s a bestselling Amazon author in his catagories and he’s got so many reviews on his stuff! His stuff is great, by the way. I’m only part way through his Robin Hood series, because I’m a super freaking slow reader as a grown up. But it’s so awesome! (I miss school only for how fast I could finish my school work and have free time to read. lol) And he’s got a seriously awesome mailing list! I’m part of it, so I get awesome cover reveals, can enter drawings for signed books (haven’t won yet, but I’m hoping!), and I even got a free audible book the other day! 😀

It was Knight of the Cross, and I’m really excited to listen to it!


Isn’t that pretty! 😀 ❤ And it comes in audio, print, and ebook! Tiny 103 page paperback! Lennie Like! ❤

So, I’m sure ya’ll would like to see his author bio, right? 😀 If not, to bad! I’m sharing anyway! ❤ lol. Love ya’ll!

Steven A. McKay was born in Scotland in 1977. His first book, “Wolf’s Head”, came out in 2013 and was an Amazon UK top 20 bestseller. The Forest Lord series, which “Wolf’s Head” is part of, now has over 130,000 sales so far.
Steven’s new novel, “Song of the Centurion” is the second in a series set in post-Roman Britain. The first installment, “The Druid”, was published on November 1st 2018, holding the number 1 spot in the UK “Celtic Myths and Legends” chart for the next three months.
His first novel written exclusively for audio, “Lucia”, has been produced by Audible Studios and tells the tale of a Roman slave in second-century Britannia. It will be published on October 22nd, 2019.
Steven plays lead guitar and sings in a heavy metal band when they can find the time to meet up.
Check out his website at
and sign up for the email list – in return we’ll send you a FREE short story, as well as offering chances to win signed books and other goodies!

Here’s another one of his books’ covers. Because, pretty! this is the complete collection of his forest Lord series!

Me love! And one of his other books!

😀 looks like fun, huh? Be sure and check ’em out! You can get some of his little novellas and short story collections in print for less than $5. a pretty good deal!

link to his website and Goodreads page!

Thanks for reading! I’ll try and be back tomorrow with another post! 😀 ❤ ❤ Happy Reading! Love Lennie! ❤

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