Monday reviews!

Hello, readers and followers! This week is off to a good reading start! I have two reviews for you. Acadia by Mark Lages and Wellfed (Mountain Man #4). 😀

Review for this one!

4 stars!

I was given my copy in exchange for an honest review. 😀 So glad I got it because this was great! I mean, I loved Scowl, so obviously I had to give this one a go. 😀 It was so worth it!

Because… Oh my god. This was beautiful, thoughtful, sad, but also very hopeful. I adored every second of this novel. Arcadia tells the story of a suicidal teen, told through the eyes of his devoted father. Which was such a wonderful choice. I don’t think the novel would have had the same effect if it was told from the son’s point of view.

Not that Jacob was a bad character. I loved all the characters! I just don’t think it would have worked as well. Does that make sense?


The poetry was great too! I don’t read a lot of poetry, but each one in Arcadia was brilliant. I might have to rethink my stance on poems. 😉

This was an amazing book, and it deserves to be read by everyone! Especially fans of contemporary fiction stories. 🙂 How is Mark not on a bestseller list? Because he really should be. 😀 Keep the books coming, and I’ll keep reading!

And the review for Wellfed!

5 stars

Wow! What a ride! This was awesome. The big zombie fight in the beginning, in the manor, was great! That was awesome. I loved the inclusion of Wallace and Collie. 😀 These two were great characters, and I loved them.

I also adored the ending. 😀 ❤ That was awesome and made me crazy happy.

this is a great book and series, and I can’t wait to listen to book 5 when it gets its audible release. 😀

Thanks for reading! I’ll be back tomorrow with more reviews! 😀 Happy Reading! Love Lennie!

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