Free Book Friday!

Hello, my dear readers and blog followers! Anyone in the mood for free books? 🙂 I’ve got a few I’d like to share with everyone. Here they are!

Flashes of Fear #2 by me!

A collection of Flash Fiction Horror for the author of “Darkness and Bloodshed”! Seven super short stories and Five 3-sentence horror stories! Perfect creepy reading for anyone looking for a quick read!
This volume contains: “Believe” “What Do Kids Love?” and several other stories!

And here’s one from one of my favorite indie writers.

The Mermaid’s Revenge by Amy Cross

Terrified of the world, Sylvia lives with her mother in a luxury penthouse apartment. For Sylvia, everything is a cause for fear and panic. Isolated and friendless, she has no interest in the outside world at all. And then, one day, her mother unveils her latest purchase.

A mermaid.

A real, live mermaid, captured and placed in a water tank.

For Sylvia, the mermaid is both terrifying and fascinating. Repulsive and beautiful. Soon, however, Sylvia discovers that the mermaid hasn’t just been brought to London so it can be put on display. And as the mermaid makes plans to escape its terrible fate, Sylvia is thrown into a horrific battle for survival.

The Mermaid’s Revenge is the story of a scared little girl who comes face to face with the true horrors of the natural world.

And this one Last story! Because it looked cool!

A Mother’s Love by Sean Deville

New York was the first city to be hit, infected men mutating to become the new species Homo Vampirous.  Women, genetically immune to the virus, became food for the rampaging army of the damned.

The plague spread quickly, millions dying, the airborne virus unstoppable as it swept across the country.   For the survivors on the West Coast, all they could do was wait for the juggernaut of death to come for them.  They thought they would have months to prepare, but in reality, they didn’t even have days.

With the vampire legions soon threatening the last remaining human strongholds, evacuation became the last, futile hope for humanity.

As thousands of desperate women were herded onto the trains, those ripped from their homes quickly began to suspect the dark truth behind the evacuation.

A Mother’s Love is the first story in Sean Deville’s Apocalyptic Short Story collection

Happy Reading with your free books! Love Lennie!

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