Two Reviews Tuesday!

Good afternoon, my blog followers! Hope everyone is doing good. I feel kinda healthy and productive today. 🙂 I went for a nice walk with my dog today, I went to work, and I’m going to get some writing today. And now it’s time for a blog post! 🙂 ❤

I’ve got a couple of new stories I read recently to share with you. I hope you enjoy.

My first story is…

Zombie Apocalypse: Book 1


Moss was not prepared for The Event. No one really was. When the Zombie Apocalypse came crashing down, there was no time for thinking, only surviving.

So what did I think it?

I liked it. 3 Stars

Here’s my review. Also shared on Amazon and Goodreads.


Im a really big fan of short stories and zombie stories. So putting the two together is a nice treat for me. This story started off good. But I wasn’t a big fan of the middle. It was a little hard to follow. But the ending part was awesome. I loved it! It ended on a cliffhanger so I’ll definitely have to get book 2 so i can find out what happens.

Recommended for zombie fans.


So it wasn’t long or complicated. And I’ve seen others complain that it was too short. :/ Which yes. It was short, but I don’t know why that should be such a big deal. I mean, Amazon tells you the page length of the books you buy/order. Shouldn’t you know long a book is before you get it?



I liked it. I’ll get book 2 soon I think. 🙂

Now! The second story I read. Sadly, I wasn’t a very big fan.

Mad Flashes

by Lindsey Loucks


The mad, the terrifying, the darkly humorous, and the melancholy

Mad Flashes is a collection of ten flash fiction stories all under 1,500 words by Lindsey R. Loucks. Stories include: Retro-Jogger Meets Zombie Queen, Alpha Female Office Wolf, Priorities, Willow Road, Recoil, In the Long Hallway, Make a Wish, One Times One is One, A Shaver in My House, and Together Forever. As an added bonus, an excerpt of the full length paranormal fantasy novel, The Grave Winner, is at the end of this book.

Sit back, relax, and go mad in a flash.

What did I think of it?

Not a fan.

2 stars.


here’s my short little review.

I enjoyed a few of these stories, which were all well written and edited. But I just done think it was my cup of tea. I did really like the one with the husband and Pam. That was my favorite. And I loved the butterfly story. That was good. But I just didn’t like most of them. ‘

😦 😦

I don’t like giving books low reviews. But I want to be honest. And sometimes I don’t like a book. ‘

Thanks for reading my little post! I hope you enjoyed it. I’ll try and come back tomorrow with a writing update. 😀

Happy Reading! Love Lennie! ❤

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