Free Book Friday!

Check it out! I’m making blog post! I am giving myself adulting points for the day. 😀 Hello! How is everyone! I hope you’re all staying safe and healthy. 🙂 I’m good. And I’m here bringing back the Free Book Friday post. Where I share neat sounding Free books I found while browsing amazon. 🙂

You know, because I like going down the rabbit hole of Amazon’s bookstore instead of actually writing. Though I did really good yesterday. I think I worked for about three and a half to four hours. That’s really good for me, and I feel like I got a lot done. Proud of me! ❤ I’m shooting for longer today. Maybe six hours total! ❤

So! I bet you’re wondering which cool books I found for ya’ll? 😀

Well, I have three today. 😀 My first choice is….

Five Tales of Horror and Suspense by CD Wilsher

Cover goals right there. Though, I think I am doing really well with my own. I mean, there’s only so much I can do with a free Photoshop app and my own limited knowledge. But I’m doing okay!

anyway! Blurb:

Five Tales of Horror and Suspense. A young man finds out from a fortune teller that there’s always a price to be paid. A rich man doesn’t quite have the 25th high school reunion experience he expected. Beware of strangers on a train. A dog may not be man’s best friend. An aging hitman takes a trip down memory lane.

The whole book is only 67 pages too, so it’s perfect if you’re like me and a fan of little books.

Book #2 is…

Labor Day: A Psychological Suspense Short Story of Horror, Ribs and Road Rage


Sometimes a Good BBQ Can Kill You

Have you ever had something precious taken from you by circumstances, unexpected situations, or careless or uncaring people?

Who hasn’t had something over which they secretly obsessed?

Jerry Ketchins lives for one day every year: Labor Day. This day, however, will test his mettle. He’s a man fast approaching the edge of his own sanity but will soon find himself with his toes hanging over the precipice that separates light from darkness.

It’s not clear to Jerry now, but a simple incident on the road will determine his fate… forever.

Bonus! This 40 page book comes in a teeny tiny paperback for only $5.95! I love tiny paperbacks! So cute!

And my third and final pick of the day is a full length novel:

The Harvest: Scary Supernatural Horror with Monsters (The Bell Witch Series Book 1) 

Also cover goals. 🙂


Amid the sweet sounds of a music box, their darkest fears will haunt them…

In Black River, Tennessee, everyone knows the legend of the Bell Witch… and the alleged curse that hangs like a dark shroud over the town. To some, it is just a local tall tale. But to others, it is terrifyingly real.

For centuries, four families have been forced into the ritualistic tradition of sacrifice and terror. Every year, a member of each family stumbles upon an antique music box they need to lock before the time is up. And a horrible fate awaits them once the boxes open.

Trapped in the witch’s sadistic game, the families’ young offspring are forced to journey into the dark and twisted woods of Black River in search for the keys to their salvation. But as they search for a way to end the curse, a haunting melody echoes through the trees. And each lost soul must wonder…

Will they survive the night? Or will the Bell Witch’s bloody harvest claim more victims?

Spooky! 😀 I have downloaded this one and it’s going into my massive TBR list. You can also buy the audiobook for just $7.49 when you purchase the Kindle edition, so that’s fun. I’ll probably do that later and listen to the book. 😀 I do so love my audiobooks.

I hope you liked my post! And I hope you go treat yourself to some free books! Support authors! Even when you download a book when it’s free, it’s still a huge help to the writer. And don’t forget to leave a review for them on Amazon and/or goodreads. 😀

Happy Reading! I’ll try to be back soon! Love, Lennie! ❤

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