Writing and Working Updates

Hello, my few little blog followers and readers! I hope you all are staying safe! I have some great news! I just got promoted to store manager at one of my jobs! I’m going to make salary and get benifits! I feel very adult and responsible, and I couldn’t be more excited.

But… the promotion means that I’ll have more responsibilities at work. Which means that I’ll have less time to write at work. 😦 So, I doubt I’ll be able to publish as often. 😦 sad face. But adult store manager job! So smiley face to that! 😀

So I’ve made some changes to my list of things I’ll eventually be publishing.

Mostly, I won’t be finishing my haunted Bridge series. 😦 I have lots and lots of stories I want to work on (Like my Spirit Finder Files and my Holiday Horrors series) and I just don’t think I’ll have time to give Bob and Brandy the time they deserves.

I might finish their story sometime in the future, but it won’t be happening anytime soon. 😦 I’m working hard on all my writing as always, but I’m just not sure how much I can get done now with extra work stuff. Plus with all the covid stuff, Kindle Direct Publishing is a bit wonky, so that’s been effecting stuff too.

But! Some good news! I should be publishing a new Holiday Horrors short in June to celebrate Father’s Day, so that’s exciting. I’m work hard on it, and I’m probably going to do a pre-order on it, so it should be published on time.

Anyway. I’m sorry about the Haunted Bridge, if anyone was really looking forward to a second installment.

But there’s still lots of books to look forward too! Scary holiday themed stories and at least one or two novels are coming this year. And flash fiction off course! We know how I love my flash fiction!

Thanks for reading! Make sure and check back every Friday for free book updates! I usually have a free book promotions going on weekends, so I’ll share about my books and/or others that are free. 😀

The Vengeful Valentine and Darkness and Bloodshed are free for this weekend, so make sure and check them out if you don’t have them yet! Just head over to Amazon and search for ’em!

Happy Reading, everyone! Stay safe!

Love, Lennie! ❤

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