Review For “Writing A Book A Week”

Writing a Book a Week by Alex Foster

In between my binge listen of the “Mountain Man” series, I picked this up. My dream is to write as a full-time job and make a decent living with it. I figured picking this up couldn’t hurt. especially since it seems that most indie authors need to produce a lot to get up a decent fanbase. :/ I got a long road ahead!

(I’m looking at you, Amy Cross! When I’m talking about producing a lot! over 100 books!)

It actually had some decent advice, so I’m glad I picked it up. It was well written, simplistic and easy to understand. I liked it.

I’m still not sure if I could actually write a long book in a week. Maybe a short novella if I really focus. But it’d definitely need a few rounds of editing afterward! /


This short little book has a lot of good advice I can take away from it. So that’s good. 😀 I can totally use the advice on outlining and focusing.

Recommended for all writers. Even if you just glance over it, it might help you. 😀

Happy Reading!

A Final Note!

I have a few days off of both of my jobs coming up. So, I’m think I’m going to hole up in my apartment like a little literary squirrel riding out the winter. I want to try and work on the second book in the “Spirit Finders Files.” I want to try out the advice in this book, see if it can really work. 😀 who knows. maybe I’ll get a decent first draft out of it.

Next tuesday’s blog post will be an update on my writing experiment. I’ll let you guys know how it went. Lol. Maybe I’ve unlocked the secret to self-publishing success in a random little free Kindle book.

Anyway! Happy Reading! Join me Thursday for another blog post. it’ll probably be a few reviews of the zombie books i’ve been reading. 😀

Love, Lennie!