Wednesday Writing Update! :D

Hey, fans, readers, and blog followers! It’s writing update time! So how’s my writing and work on my books going?

Great! Really Great!

So guess what? I’m up to 12,730 words in my Nanowrimo draft! Awesome huh? My daily writing amount as really gone up since I started this Nanowrimo project, so I’m really excited about that. 😀

I’ve gotten about 4,000 to 5,000 words a day for the past couple of days. Not just in my nanowrimio prject but in my total word count for all my projects. I like to include all my my writing, include the work I do for my blog, and my reviews, my outlining and the words I get during my editing processes and drafts. 😀

why? I don’t know. Why not? It all counts towards my over all goal of one day becoming a full time writer and blogger, so I’m counting it. lol. It’s my thing! I’ll do what I want. lol

But seriously, I have been feeling really freaking productive lately, and it’s only 6 days into the month. Things are looking up. I’ve got big plans for my Nanowrimo novel, and when I total up everything that I’ve written for in, all the stuff in my notes and outline and draft that I’ll print when it’s time for edits, it’s going to end up being WAY longer than 50,000 w0rds I’m sure.

add that to all the outlines and drafts I’ve been working on for my other projects and I’m going to get SO MUCH stuff done this month.

What else am I working on, you might ask? Well, Death and Destruction (Spooky Shorts #2) for one. I’m hoping to get it and book 3 done this month. 😀

I’ve been working on covers for some future projects. Would you like to see a cover for one of my future projects? I have no idea when I’ll start working on it, but I loved the picture so much that I had to do something with it.

Here it is! Looks awesome, right? I think so. This might be something for me to start working on when the new year stars. 😀

While I’m showing ya’ll covers. How about a cover reveal for Songs for the Music Man? AKA my Nanowrimo project. 😀

here you go!

What do you all think? I’m thinking I’m getting pretty good at making my own covers. (If I can toot my own horn for a second.)

And I’ve got some very big plans for some Christmas/holiday/winter stories that I want to release for December. 😀 And maybe a thanksgiving story. Does that sound fun? I have this really neat idea for short story. It’s inspired very loosely by an episode of my favorite crime show Deadly Women.

Anyway! I’m feeling really good about how all my writing is going. 😀 I hope you don’t mind me rambling about it here. And I hope you liked my covers. 😀 I’ve got a Facebook thing I have to go get ready for now, but then I have to get back to writing. I already did a good bit of work on Songs for the Music Man today, so I think I’ll start work on my Thanksgiving story.

Happy Reading, everyone! 😀 I’ll be back tomorrow (hopefully lol) with a review. I’m going to finish that Barefoot book I’ve been working on. 😀 I think it’ll be 3 star, considering how I’m feeling about it.


Happy Reading, all! Love, Lennie! ❤

Wednesday writing update

Hello, all my followers! ❤ Time for a writing update! 😀 First off! My wonderful friend Alan helped me spruce up my covers for Flashes of Fear! Check it out!

Flashes of Fear Volume #1: A Collection of Flash Fiction Horror Stories by [Grace, Lennie]

Is that amazing!? He’s a great dude! I did the skull and the stormy sky part. ❤ mixed some stock images and made a pretty spicy cover, but I’m not to goof at fonts. He fixed it up and TADA! Looks so much better than the basic font I had! He even did covers for All the rest of the volumes, so I am beyond thrilled! ❤ favorite internet friend! ❤ ❤ ❤

And While I’m talking about Flashes of Fear: Volume #2 is up for pre-order! It drops Saturday! ❤ It’s covers not as cool, cause Alan made me new covers after I had set the pre-order. But I’m putting the new cover on just as soon as Amazon will let me!

Remember, I’m doing a new volume every week until halloween!

Here’s the link to Flashes of Fear #2! Pre-order today!

In other news! She Watches You Sleep’s cover is fixed now, so it all should fit properly. I’m making a finally few edits tomorrow then resubmitting it to KPD. See? It’s coming, I promise! It’s taken forever, I know, but I’m working on it, I swear! I hope it’s worth the rate.

And if it’s not? Well, at least I finally got it up!

I’m also working on Tori Elliot’s next release. And I’m working on new covers for most of my books. 😀 gonna make everything extra awesome! ❤

I’ll be back tomorrow with some reviews! Happy Reading! Love Lennie!

Free Book Friday!

hey guys! Oops! I missed yesterdays post! Sorry! What can I say? juggling two jobs sucks! I’ll share a review again on Monday! I swear! In the meantime, who likes FREE books?

I do, so I’ve almost always got one of my stories up for free on Amazon. 😀 helps more people see my books. And hopefully get a review or two, lol. 😀

this week’s free book is The Haunted Bridge, my latest novelette. 😀

Not to shabby a cover, huh? I’m always amazed what I can mange to do with KDP’s free cover maker and free images. Someday I’ll have professional covers made! Until then, I work with what I can.

Anyway, this on is FREE for the next couple of days, so get it while you can. Don’t forget to leave an honest review when you finish it!

😀 I’ll have an Indie Author Spotlight for you tomorrow. And by late Saturday evening or early Sunday morning, I should have She Watches You Sleep ready for purchase!

Happy Reading, everyone! Love, Lennie! ❤

Free Books & Publishing Updates!

Hey, readers and blog followers! 😀 hope everyone is having a fun friday! 😀

It’s FREE book Friday! So what’s free right now?

The Summoning of the Soul Stealer! 😀 it’s Free today, but this is the last day of it’s free book promotion. So get it while you can! 😀 here’s the link!

And my newest story I Love the Screaming is the FREE today through Tuesday! 😀 So that’s fun! Here’s the link to that!

& how’s my publishing going? Good! 😀 I just got my latest novelette back from editing. So, I’ll do a final proofreading of that and submit it to KDP this evening. 😀 It should ready for purchase Saturday morning! 😀 Hope ya’ll are ready for that! 😀

Next week I should have She Watches You Sleep out! VERY excited for that! 😀 the final draft of that one should be around 35,000-40,000 words. I’m leaning towards the 40,000. Cause that’ll be a whole novel. 😀 My second one! yes, 40,000 IS enough to count as a novel. 😀 lol. It’s just a short one. 😀 I’m almost done with the rough draft, so it’s right on schedule.

I’m feeling good and productive! And I’m glad I can share all this with ya’ll, my dear readers! 😀 Join me again tomorrow for a new Indie Spotlight Saturday! 😀

Happy Reading, Everyone! Love, Lennie! ❤