Writing Update

hey, everyone! I am so sorry! I worked all day yesterday and was so tired, I forgot to publish yesterday’s blog post. 😦 I suck! it’s late, but here it is! I’m really sorry, I missed yesterday, so today, I’m doing not just an update on my word count and stuff, but also sharing a bit of info on my writing process. 😀 that’s fun, right?

So hows my writing going?

Really Good.

😀 I’ve reached the editing part of She Watches You Sleep. 😀 I think it might be my favorite part of my longer works. Since I write rather quickly (On a really good day, I can get up to 5k-7k in a day. on a GREAT day, I can do more), I tend to make a lot of mistakes in the first drafts. not just spelling and grammar, but also mistakes like eye colors changing, or repeating myself too much. :/ it’s just not as easy to keep everything together in a 35,000-40,000 word piece vs. a 5,000-10,000 word piece, you know what I mean?

So! I gotta fix it, and make that rough draft into something a lot more cohesive and readable.

That mean’s today, I’ll be heading over to the copy shop and printing out my (very) rough draft.

I’ll go over everything with my trusty little red pens and highlighters and sticky notes. I mark sentences I really love and want to keep, and make notes on which ones sound to awkward and need rewriting. I’ll fill it full of sticky notes to myself, telling me where I need more information, or maybe another little chapter put in, or if something needs taken out entirely. I’ll highlight bits and pieces I think need changing, like word choices. I’m really fond of the word creepy, so sometimes I use that one too much.

And the grammar & spelling. That always needs some work, no matter the length of the story! 😀

Any, once I finish all that, I head back over to the computer and change and add everything I need to. I’ll run it through grammarly and/or send it off to an editor, that depends on my editing budget.

I wish I could afford more than I do! I’d love to have everything professionally edited, proofread, and even beta reads would be great. but I simple don’t have to funds. ah, the joys of indie writing & minimum wage day jobs! Oh well! I do the best I can with what I have to work with. It’s all I can do. 😀

Once everything is fixed up, and I’ve made it the best i can be, I format it, give it a final read over to look for last minute errors and head over to Amazon for publishing. 😀

I’ve got Friday and Saturday off form both jobs (thank god!) So, I’ll be able to devote those two days to my writing and editing. I’m really excited! 😀

After this, I’ll be working on my second volume of Spooky Shorts, it’s set to come out next week. 😀 I’ll be doing a follow up story to Blood Moon in it, so that’ll be great. I’ve also got the outlines of the other two stories in it, but those will just have to be a surprise!

Sorry again that this update was late. oops! I’ll do better later. It’s only about 3 hours late, since’s its about 3 in the morning on Thursday when I’m sharing this, but still. Sorry! it’s been a busy week!

I’ll have a review up for you later today, I promise! Happy Reading, everyone! Love, Lennie!

Writing Update!

Hey, my blog followers! 😀 I’ve got 10 at the time of this update, and I couldn’t be happier! I hope ya’ll are enjoying my little book reviews and talks about writing. I know I have fun writing them. I started this blog because it seemed like a neat way to connect with and share my rambling thoughts with other readers and writers. 😀 And I really wanted my own website. But, finances being what they are, I can’t exactly afford to be paying to build one and stuff like that. SO! Free blog it is.

Oh well! Maybe someday I’ll get something a bit more professional looking. I’m dream write now is to become a full time write. Like, actually make enough money to contribute to my family’s finances without having to go to day jobs.

I’m not making much right now, but I’m coming along! 😀 I should be getting my latest check from Amazon soon and it’s a bit bigger than last months. 😀 and the next couple after that are getting progressively bigger. 😀 Not that anyone actually needs to know my $ business or anything, but my check for June should be over $20. I know, I know. It doesn’t sound like much, but it’s the best month I’ve had so far! And I’m getting decent reviews on my stories. 😀

I’m on my way! If I’m blessed enough to keep getting more readers/customers, my dream just might become reality! One can only hope!

And put in hard work. 😀 Can’t forget that! I’m a very firm believer in the whole “Hard work always pays off” thing. 😀

Anyway! I rambled enough! let’s get to my point. So, I know it’s later than I promised, but I’m finally given ya’ll and update on my writing. Sorry for the wait, lol. Life just gets in the way sometimes.

Last week, I read this fascinating little Kindle book called “Writing a Book so a Week: How to write quick books under the self-publishing Model” it’s part of the “Write Free Book series” by Alex Foster. I highly recommend it. It has a lot of good advice on how to use outlines and focusing your attention. I found the book really inspiring.

So, I had a couple of days off after I read it. And I really wanted to give some of the suggestions the book had a try. It really underlined how hard it is for indie authors to make any kind of money with only one or two books.

Which is were the whole “Book a week” thing comes in. Basically, the book talks about training yourself to use outlines and simple focused (but still fun of course!) plots to produce, well, a book a week. 😀 it reminds the reading that quantity AND quality are key.

Here are some of my favorite bits from the book:

If you want to be profitable, you must create quality in quantity.

Persistent writers who push through are the ones who make it.

You need to be consistent and persistent.

The book a week model scales well over time. There is no cheat or easy way.

Success as a Kindle writing is a long-term mindset. The goal is to sell high-quality books consistently over time.

And! My very favorite out of all the quotes I liked is this one:

There is a difference between a book written in a week and a book that takes months/years. A short, direct and to the point book completed in a week isn’t necessarily less valuable or less important than a 300-page, slaved over book that took a year.

That one is particularly important to me, since I believe what’s important is that the readers enjoy the books they read, not how long it took someone to write it. What’s it matter how long it took me to write something as long as I’m proud of it, worked hard on it, and someone somewhere out there in the world enjoyed it?

So! How’d my writing experiment go?

Well, I don’t know if I can write a whole full-length novel in a week, especially when you consider how long the editing part takes. But I think I can learn to reduce the time it takes to write a novel. 😀 and I can certainly get some short stories and novellas written in a week. the first drafts anyway! Editing it and making it ready for readers might take longer.

So! like the book said, first I focused on making an outline for a new story. then, I started writing. And… I had a really, really productive few days. 😀 I got out around 10,000 in just a couple of days in one story, a second novel in my Spirit Finders Files series. I added around 3,000 words to a short story and finished the second draft of it. And I have another outline for my latest novella ready to go so I can finish that first draft and 6,000 words started on that one.

Seriously! I feel majorly productive. 😀 😀 😀 proud of me! lol. ❤

but seriously!

I learned a lot from my writing experiment, and from the book. I really did! I have so many stories I want to share with the world. And I want to be a full time writer. With this book’s advice, hard work, and that determination, persistence, and consistency, I think I can make it happen. 😀

here’s the link to it if any other writers want to check the book out. 😀 I really recommend you give it a read!

Happy Reading, Everyone! 😀

Review For “Writing A Book A Week”

Writing a Book a Week by Alex Foster

In between my binge listen of the “Mountain Man” series, I picked this up. My dream is to write as a full-time job and make a decent living with it. I figured picking this up couldn’t hurt. especially since it seems that most indie authors need to produce a lot to get up a decent fanbase. :/ I got a long road ahead!

(I’m looking at you, Amy Cross! When I’m talking about producing a lot! over 100 books!)

It actually had some decent advice, so I’m glad I picked it up. It was well written, simplistic and easy to understand. I liked it.

I’m still not sure if I could actually write a long book in a week. Maybe a short novella if I really focus. But it’d definitely need a few rounds of editing afterward! /


This short little book has a lot of good advice I can take away from it. So that’s good. 😀 I can totally use the advice on outlining and focusing.

Recommended for all writers. Even if you just glance over it, it might help you. 😀

Happy Reading!

A Final Note!

I have a few days off of both of my jobs coming up. So, I’m think I’m going to hole up in my apartment like a little literary squirrel riding out the winter. I want to try and work on the second book in the “Spirit Finders Files.” I want to try out the advice in this book, see if it can really work. 😀 who knows. maybe I’ll get a decent first draft out of it.

Next tuesday’s blog post will be an update on my writing experiment. I’ll let you guys know how it went. Lol. Maybe I’ve unlocked the secret to self-publishing success in a random little free Kindle book.

Anyway! Happy Reading! Join me Thursday for another blog post. it’ll probably be a few reviews of the zombie books i’ve been reading. 😀

Love, Lennie!