Wednesday writing update!

Hey, readers and followers! 😀 I had a busy day today. I did some reading, got a few sales and page reads on Amazon, did some writing, did some outlining, made a cover, and submitted a new book to Amazon. 😀 It’s currently publishing. 😀 Should be ready to read/buy by tomorrow. 😀 I’m feeling very productive today!

So, remember how I was talking about some more flash fiction stories? That’s what I worked onto day. 😀 I have a big collect of hand-written I’ve been working. So I spent the day typing some of them out on the computer, fixing them up where they needed fleshing out, and trying to get out all the typos. I don’t get all of them out of every single thing I write and publish but I do my best. 😀

I’m feeling really good today. 😀 3,000 words worth of flash fiction typed out, edited, and submitted to Amazon. With a pretty nifty cover that I made all by myself! I think I’m getting better at covers! And all the outlines set up for the rest of the flashes of fear ready to go. 😀 All I’ll need to do is get them typed up, and it shouldn’t take too long. 😀

Flashes of Fear is set to release a new volume every week up until Halloween. Where I will release the Complete Collection edition. In both ebook and paperback. 😀 With some Exclusive content. ;D hoping people will buy it/ KU for the exclusive stuff. remember, I have a kitten to support.

Anyway, I’m really excited for the flash fiction collections. I know I’ve said it before, but I totally ADORE writing flash fiction. there’s something so weirdly powerful about something that can creepy you out in less than a thousand words. I was actually working on one of my stories called “The Corpse in the Mirrors” at work today. (I’m allowed to write and read and play candy crush at one of my jobs so long as no customers are in the store) And I got so into my own imagined little world that I gave myself goosebumps! literally! the phone Rang and I jumped.

I’m a horror writer and I gave myself the creeps. I’ll say that’s pretty good! 😀

Plus I can work on other stories, since I’ll already have over a months worth of stuff ready to go. 😀 She Watches You Sleep is coming! I swear!

but I have lots of other stuff planned too. 😀 Like more Spooky Shorts, Spirit Finders, and finishing the haunted bridge trilogy! 😀 plus, my other pen name, Tori Elliot, has lots of stuff that needs finished too. ;D

Hope you all are excited for new releases as I am! I’ll be back tomorrow with another book review! something scary, I promise! Happy Reading! Love Lennie! ❤

My Unintended Posting Break

Hello, my dear readers, blog followers, and fans. (Can I call ya’ll fans? I sure hope so!) no spotlight for you today, but I’ll have some for you this weekend! I promise!

So, obvious, it’s been a bit since I posted. 😦 I’m sorry about that! I had a crazy past few days/week.)

First off, my plans to FINALLY publish She Watches You Sleep fell through. ugh. I uploaded it to Amazon and everything, but it found some major typos and something went wrong with the cover, so that’s on hold once again until I can get the problem fixed. hoping to get the updated version out this week. lol. I know, I know. you’ve heard it all before, right? 😉

then, I had some days off I was planning on using for writing, but I made a last minute decision to go visit my mom and sister, so I got absolutely nothing done for about 3 days. I got to visit my family though, so that was nice. 😀

except for the flat tire. that was NOT nice. ugh. I was like a mile from home when a cop pulled me over to check on me. I thought my tire had just gone flat about a mile and a half from my mom’s house. thought I could make it home. nope! Not just flat. it was completely and totally shredded. like, nothing but the rim and rubber left.

glad he stopped me! he helped me put my little donut tire on so I could get home ok. then the crazy thing was this. he had a flat tire too! XD things aren’t so bad if it happens to someone else too. XD his wasn’t nearly as messed up as my tire, but it still amused me.

anyway, I got a new tire ordered, but the shop got it in later than I expected and I had to wait an extra day before going home. and it was just a stressful few days. my cat had fun though. 😀 he got to see his doggy and kitty siblings over at Mom’s house. (he’s surprisingly good at car rides!)

Writing Update time!

It’s a new week! I got back home safe to my computer and internet and schedule (love me some routine!) am couple of days ago. but I’m just now getting back in the swing of things. 😀 ❤

I’m trying to get back on my planned weekly publishing schedule and daily blog posting. because, obviously, that’s been going so well. lol. :’D I’m going to make it so! I’ve got Grand plans to this stuff, let me tell you! 😀 I’m back, and damn it all, I’m coming back with a vengence!

obviuosly, I’ll be fixing the cover and typos for she watches you sleep and getting that out. but I have some more important news! 😀

this morning, I finished up my rough draft of a new flash fiction collection! ❤ 😀 I’ve been trying to write one or two (sometimes 3) everyday for the past couple of months. I haven’t gotten everyday, of course. My trip to my mom’s saw almost no writing at all. (does 700 words in a fanfiction count? not really? okay. <3) but I finally finished those and have enough to make several little volumes. 😀

6 to be exact! I had so much fun writing Tiny Terrors, and it sells pretty well. 😀 I’ve done several a month since publishing. 😀 ❤ So I decided to do more flash fiction collections! I liked writing them, and people seem to want to buy them. So I might as well give readers what they want right? I read somewhere that writing to the market is a good thing, so long as you’re still writing what you love.

and I really do love flash fiction. 😀

I’m pretty proud of my little collections too. they really are fun to write. 😀 Now all they need is a bit of editing work and some covers and I’ll be golden.

These will be called Flashes of Fear, and I’ll be releasing little volumes weekly until Halloween. 😀 that’s went I’ll release a complete series set. all the volumes in one big book! available in e-book and paperback. gotta have a paperback, because I freaking LOVE paperback books! I’m really excited for it, since I’ll be putting some exclusive content into the bind-up! 😀 I’m hoping that maybe that’ll get people to buy it lol. 😀

I’m super excited to share the news flash fiction pieces with everyone. Not only are these uber short stories one of my favorite things to write, but they should also help with me with my publishing out up. 😀

obviously, a weekly release goal isn’t easy. my plans to do so clearly haven’t planned out like I want them too. But! I’m hoping with over a month’s worth of stuff almost ready to go, I can keep chugging away on my writing. ❤ This way, I’ll have more time to focus one some new stuff while still releasing once a week. 😀 Does that make sense? 😀 lol. It does to me. 😀 (guess I’ll be getting a rather impressive backlog of works for people to read.)

I figure the weekly Publishing schedule might be less stressful if I can make sure and have several weeks worth of stuff already read to go. 😀 that way, if something happens, like a mess up with a cover, or a flat tire that keeps me away from my beloved internet and writing schedule, I’ll have time to fix it, because I’ll already have stuff ready to publish. 😀

it’s a good plan, right? ’cause let’s face it. life is messy and shift happens. 😀

So what’s next after she watches you sleep and Flashes of fear? 😀 well. I’m going to focus on finishing my spooky shorts series, then my haunted bridge trilogy. Then I’ll finally be finishing up The Spirit Finders series. YAY! With a few other stand alone novella and novelette sprinkled in for good measure. 😀

Maybe I’ll do some Christmas themed horror stories around the holidays. 😀 that’d be fun. 😀 my first two short stories were christmasy after all.

anyway, thanks for listening me ramble. 😀 ❤ hope you liked it. and I hope you’re glad I’m back. I know I am! 😀 ❤ I’ll be back tomorrow with a book/story review. 😀 Not sure what it will be over yet, but it’ll be something interesting!

Happy Reading! Love, Lennie! ❤

FREE Book Friday!

And A Review of Hotel Z!

Hi, readers! 😀 I’ve had a very productive few days! 😀 I got so much done! 😀 And my latest story, The Monster, is currently FREE on Amazon for the long Labor Day weekend. 😀 that’s today through Monday, so make sure and grab a free copy!

And pretty please! Leave a review of it on Amazon and Goodreads when you finish it! 😀 I love seeing that I got a new review! Anyway! Here’s a link to it over on Amazon!

Now! I just finished reading another short story today! 😀 I read so many. They’re just so fun and easy to read. Today’s pick was:

Hotel Z by A.C. Hutchison 4 stars! 😀

34662295. sy475

I love to cover to this. 😀 And I very much enjoyed Hutchinson’s other short story, Be Careful What You Wish For. I just had to give this a try. 😀 I wasn’t disappointed it! This has got to be one of my favorite zombie reads in a while. Well written, creepy, VERY messed up. A little sad. A great ending. This was awesome! And one of the most original takes on the genre I’ve ever seen. 😀

It’s not a zombie survival story, but the Tale of a society learning to use the zombies for their own messed up needs and making a profit. A society that’s gotten a little to… Shall we say comfortable with the zombies.

God, this was some awesome fun reading! Just 18 pages, so a nice fast read. And well worth the investment. 😀 Highly recommended to fans of horror, zombies, and short stories. I know I’m a fan! ;D

Join me again tomorrow for a Spotlight Saturday. 😀 We’ll be checking out another indie author’s bio and books. Not sure who it will be yet, but I’m sure it will be fun. 😀

Also! While ya’ll are over on Amazon, be sure to check out Pumpkin Spice Kisses by Tori Elliot. It’s my first ever romance story under a new pen name. Do you like it? I loved the name, so it became my pen name for Romance. 😀 Pumpkin Spice Kisses is a sweet and clean romance short story. about 11,300-words. Just a nice and cute little story. I’m not sure how good it is. It’s my first step into a new genre. (And it’s self edited. still have like no money! lol) It’s a genre I love, but not one I’ve tried writing in before. It’s such a big step away from my blood and guts I do as Lennie Grace. 😀 But still. I had so much fun writing it. So I hope others will enjoy reading it. 😀 here’s the link to it. Give it a try and leave a review, telling me what you think! ❤ be honest, but nice! even if you don’t like it.

See ya’ll tomorrow! Happy Reading! Love Lennie! ❤

Writing Update

hey, everyone! I am so sorry! I worked all day yesterday and was so tired, I forgot to publish yesterday’s blog post. 😦 I suck! it’s late, but here it is! I’m really sorry, I missed yesterday, so today, I’m doing not just an update on my word count and stuff, but also sharing a bit of info on my writing process. 😀 that’s fun, right?

So hows my writing going?

Really Good.

😀 I’ve reached the editing part of She Watches You Sleep. 😀 I think it might be my favorite part of my longer works. Since I write rather quickly (On a really good day, I can get up to 5k-7k in a day. on a GREAT day, I can do more), I tend to make a lot of mistakes in the first drafts. not just spelling and grammar, but also mistakes like eye colors changing, or repeating myself too much. :/ it’s just not as easy to keep everything together in a 35,000-40,000 word piece vs. a 5,000-10,000 word piece, you know what I mean?

So! I gotta fix it, and make that rough draft into something a lot more cohesive and readable.

That mean’s today, I’ll be heading over to the copy shop and printing out my (very) rough draft.

I’ll go over everything with my trusty little red pens and highlighters and sticky notes. I mark sentences I really love and want to keep, and make notes on which ones sound to awkward and need rewriting. I’ll fill it full of sticky notes to myself, telling me where I need more information, or maybe another little chapter put in, or if something needs taken out entirely. I’ll highlight bits and pieces I think need changing, like word choices. I’m really fond of the word creepy, so sometimes I use that one too much.

And the grammar & spelling. That always needs some work, no matter the length of the story! 😀

Any, once I finish all that, I head back over to the computer and change and add everything I need to. I’ll run it through grammarly and/or send it off to an editor, that depends on my editing budget.

I wish I could afford more than I do! I’d love to have everything professionally edited, proofread, and even beta reads would be great. but I simple don’t have to funds. ah, the joys of indie writing & minimum wage day jobs! Oh well! I do the best I can with what I have to work with. It’s all I can do. 😀

Once everything is fixed up, and I’ve made it the best i can be, I format it, give it a final read over to look for last minute errors and head over to Amazon for publishing. 😀

I’ve got Friday and Saturday off form both jobs (thank god!) So, I’ll be able to devote those two days to my writing and editing. I’m really excited! 😀

After this, I’ll be working on my second volume of Spooky Shorts, it’s set to come out next week. 😀 I’ll be doing a follow up story to Blood Moon in it, so that’ll be great. I’ve also got the outlines of the other two stories in it, but those will just have to be a surprise!

Sorry again that this update was late. oops! I’ll do better later. It’s only about 3 hours late, since’s its about 3 in the morning on Thursday when I’m sharing this, but still. Sorry! it’s been a busy week!

I’ll have a review up for you later today, I promise! Happy Reading, everyone! Love, Lennie!

Wednesday Writing Update!

Hello, everyone! 😀 it’s writing update time! 😀 So, how’s my writing going? 😀 pretty good, I think. 😀 I finished going over my draft for that novelette I mentioned a while back? The Haunted Bridge. Just a simple, fun little ghost story. I liked it, so I hope ya’ll do too. 😀

I released a new short on Sunday. just a little 3,500 word short story, but it packs a punch, if I do say so myself. 😀

here’s the link if any of you dear readers want to check it out!

I’ve also got The Summoning of the Soul Stealer for FREE right now over on Amazon. So make sure ya’ll grab a copy while it’s free. 😀

So, The Haunted Bridge is going out for editing tomorrow morning. The editor should have it done soon, so I’m hoping to have it up and ready for ya’ll to read by Saturday or Sunday. Which is basically the plan for all my new stories.

I’m hoping to have She Watches You Sleep up next week, so keep on the lookout for that. 😀 And the next Spooky Shorts should be coming out this month! 😀

Thanks for listening to me ramble. 😀 Love ya’ll! See you tomorrow for a book review! 😀

happy reading! Love, Lennie! ❤

Blog Post News! :D

Hello, my dear sweet readers! 😀 Hope everyone’s doing good and you’re all reading wonderful books! Hopefully from indie authors. lol. 😀 We need reads too! Not that traditionally published author’s don’t work hard or deserve to have their stories read! They totally do! They just get so much more attention then us little guys. 😀

Anyway! I’m here with an update on my writings, both in my stories and here on my blog. 😀 you’ll be happy to know that I’m feeling good and my weekly publishing schedule is back on track for August! You can expect a new story ready for purchase on the first Saturday or Sunday of August! 😀

Are you all excited? Cause I’m excited! SO excited!!! ❤ As for my blog writings? I’ve got big plans for it too! Would you guys like to see my new blog schedule? 😀 lol. I hope so, cause I’m gonna share it anyway!

Sundays: A short post about my reading list for the week. 😀 something to keep me accountable on getting some reading done, lol. I’ll of course try and focus on horror stories, but my reading tends to go all over the place, so be ready for some random reads.

Monday: a book review! YAY! it’ll probably be whatever short story I chose to share. 😀 I do so like them, and a nice short story will be an excellent way to start off my reading week.

Tuesday: Another book review! YAY! 😀 See? I’m getting back to my orginal plan of sharing a book review every tuesday and thursday. 😀

Wednesday: Writing Updates! 😀 lol. because they both start with W. 😀 Cute, yes? Just a short little message to you all about how my work in progess is going, maybe some bits about my writing process that sort of thing. 😀 Fun stuff like that!

Thursday: Another Book review! I read a lot, so I can easily share 3 reads a week. 😀

Friday: Free Book! Did it again. 😀 This is basically me just giving ya’ll an update on which books are going to be free and when. I’ve been doing a lot of free book promotions on Amazon, and I really think it’s been helping people find my stories. 😀 Free is great for exposure.

And last but not least! Saturday! Indie Author Spotlight Saturday! 😀 each Saturday, I’ll feature some information about a different indie author. (If any of you followers want to be featured, drop me a message or comment! It’s completely FREE!) It’s not much, but maybe someone out there will see the posts and check out a new, independent writer. gosh I hope so. 😀 It’d be awesome to know I helped a fellow writer get a new reader.

Thanks for reading everyone! Hoped you liked my update! Join me tomorrow for Spotlight Saturday! I’ll be featuring a friend I made over on Facebook, and I’m really excited to share some info about his stories.

Happy Reading Everyone! Love, Lennie!